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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) isn’t just an alternative treatment approach; it’s a holistic health and wellness system that promotes an intuitive lifestyle and views health as the manifestation of a balanced life. Working in conjunction with nature, TCM recommends various practices in different seasons. In spring, it recommends aiding the liver and gallbladder to get rid of all the toxins from the body to give it a fresh start, just like nature displays rebirth and the world springs back to life after the winter slumber.

Give Your Body a Spring Detox with Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to the TCM philosophy, spring is when your body springs back to its full action, just like nature, after being down with cold temperatures, heavy foods, and a predominantly slow lifestyle during the winter season. It’s the time when your liver and gallbladder work hard to eliminate all the toxins accumulated over the past several months to reset the body and its systems to optimal functioning. And it’s only good to support these organs with lifestyle and dietary modifications and traditional TCM approaches like acupuncture.

Support Your Liver and Gallbladder with Acupuncture for Optimal TCM Spring Cleanse

Along with serving as the primary detoxification tool, the liver participates in hundreds of other body functions. Conversely, the gallbladder works to prevent and fix muscle fatigue by eliminating metabolic toxins buildup from them. It also helps improve sleep, both in terms of duration and quality.

Since these two organs are at their peak functioning during the spring, TCM recommends supporting them with acupuncture.

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