My Fertology

Hi There!
I’m Mary Wong

I’m a fertility strategist, Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, author, podcaster, and personal coach.

I think of all my roles as one incredible job: To help you reach the full potential of your well-being.

I’ve been helping people with their aches, pains, chronic conditions and fussy hormones for over 28 years. And it’s more than putting in needles or giving out herbs—it’s about looking at your life, inside and out, and guiding you towards the future with more energy, more positivity and less stress.

After my own struggle to have a baby, I realized I wanted to help women with their fertility issues and beyond, too. The journey was so much more lonely and frustrating than I could’ve imagined. I eventually began IVF and figured out how to combine traditional Chinese medicine with Western science to nurture my body and my soul. With my personal experiences to inspire me, my career as a fertility strategist, author, podcaster and personal coach, naturally came to life.

You could say I’m an expert in T.L.C.

5 Things To
Know About Me

I’m a citizen of the world.

My family is from Hong Kong, I was born in Holland and I moved to Toronto, Canada, when I was 8-years-old. On the way to T.O., I asked my brother to give me an English name and he called me Mary. My Chinese name is Wai Yee and today I’m proud to have both names because they reflect my heritage, my home and my career combining Western and Eastern thought.

My grandmother inspired me to study TCM.

Western doctors said she was good and dead when she was suffering from kidney failure. That’s when we decided to try acupuncture and we watched her enjoy more of her life for another 8 years—and with less pain.

I don’t think Western medicine is bad.

In general, I choose Chinese medicine for chronic issues and Western for acute. It’s not about being extreme or binary. It’s about picking the best option available for what you need, when you need it most.

I’m a fertility strategist with fertility issues.

My fallopian tubes were letting me down and my pre-mama spirit was getting zapped too. I tried every natural treatment, and eventually I started IVF. Once I finally got pregnant with my wee one, my labour was a challenge and I had to have a C-section. Instead of feeling disappointed or lost, I found a way to experience the joy of motherhood by combining Western and Eastern medicine.

I think every mom and mom-to-be needs a fertility squad.

That’s why I created My Fertology with friend and colleague, Tanya Wylde, a naturopathic doctor. Together, we broadcast a podcast for women seeking fertility support and coming soon, we are launching an online course for women who are having trouble conceiving and want to optimize their fertility, naturally. We know your journey is special, and whether you’re planning a family, having a baby or in the happy chaos of being a mom, we’ve got news, views and advice to share.