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At ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic, I’m more than it’s owner. I am it’s CEO or Chief Experience Officer. A big part of our team’s philosophy is that we love to talk about you, because we believe we can meet your needs when we work together and share our vast knowledge and experience. I am available for acupuncture appointments along with a seasoned team of health practitioners who specialize in various areas of wellness. We can help with stress, fatigue, fussy hormones, anxiety, chronic pain and more. From your first visit, we embrace you with a holistic outlook, trained expertise and a true commitment to your health.

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My Online Course + Podcast

Naturopathic doctor Tanya Wylde and I both tried and tried—and tried—to get pregnant before having our little ones. Now, we are fertologists sharing the highs, lows and our trained expertise to help you thrive during your fertility journey. Who is it for? Women who are trying to conceive or experiencing fertility issues. What is Fertology? It sums up our mission to boost your mood, your bod and your inner mama spirit with less stress and more joy before, during and after mamahood.

About The Podcast

We’re ditching the shame of struggling to get pregnant, speaking the truth and sharing good vibes and practical advice. For moms who struggled to conceive and are now blessed with a babe, we’ll help you shake-off the guilt of feeling tired and frustrated during your new mom life.

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About The Course – Coming Soon

Think of us as your personal fertility support squad and our first course is especially for women who want to get pregnant and are struggling with fertility issues—just like we did. With grit and grace, we’ll help you embrace your body and provide valuable strategies to help nurture your pre-mama spirit and plan for a healthy pregnancy. As we have learned, becoming a mom is so much easier when you have support and we’re here to help.

Ask About Personal + Corporate Coaching

I’m a certified high-performance coach because wellness encompasses more than your mind, body and spirit. As an entrepreneur or business leader, it also means finetuning your financial well-being, workload and relationships. Together, we’ll make a plan to achieve clarity, courage, energy, productivity and influence in every part of your life.