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Pathways to

After helping many women trying to conceive, I’m sharing real stories, hope, humour, and practical advice—to help you enjoy your journey towards mamahood.

At this point, I’ve seen it all: the heartbreak, the grief and shame, the hope, and the joy of eventual pregnancy and childbirth. And one of the first things you can do for yourself when trying to get pregnant is to focus on yourself, relax and be in the moment rather than focusing your energy on trying to put a baby in your belly.

My hope in writing this book is that by sharing the fertility struggles of other women and couples, you will be inspired to embrace your reproductive health and overall well-being.

Through your fertility journey, you will find there is no one “right way” to build a family, but there is a way that’s right for you. With a combination of Western and Eastern medical traditions and new research in the field of epigenetics—along with a healthy dose of self-love—I believe a strong foundation of balanced energy improves your chances of having a baby.

Pathways to Pregnancy will help you decode the fertility world, ease feelings of shame, decrease stress, and renew your belief that you can overcome infertility while nourishing the unborn mother in you.


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“Combining the best of Chinese and Western medicine, Mary draws from her personal wisdom and extensive patient experience to forge a path to overcoming infertility that will inspire and support you on your journey to pregnancy.”

- Katheryn Simmons Flynn, author of Cooking for Fertility and founder of fertilefoods.com

Testimonial 2

“An inspirational account of personal stories of women triumphing over infertility.”

- Rebecca Fett, author of It Starts with The Egg


“The Chicken Soup for the Pregnancy Soul. It transformed my mindset and my soul.”

- Zuzana Drakul, co-founder of BooknBrunch

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